Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Of Mysteries and Surprises

The Long Meandering Spring Road to Summer

Lingering self-doubts
Like pockets of unmelted snow
Vanish in the sun
I can feel the sun washing over me
I can see the sun watching over me

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Of Forgotten Myths and Warped Legends


Everybody loves you, after
When you’re no longer a threat.
They never much cared for you,
In life – They ridiculed and belittled you,
But – They love you in death.

In Life – they misrepresented you.
In death – They misappropriate you.
They add and subtract,
Chop and change,
Until in death, no one remembers –
What you stood for –  in life.

Nothing can be done about that
That’s the way of this world,
The way of all flesh.
That's just what happens to Legends
When they return home far too soon.

Heavy as Heaven
I write it down, so I don't have to swallow it, so for now, it remains -

Forever yours

Lloyd Webber