Saturday, December 31, 2011

Life's a Beach...

Beginnings are impossible, but endings are too hard. I'll see you in the New Year.
Entirely made of plastic.

The shattered windows
Of my mind’s deep recesses
Laid bare for your eyes

Fire and Flames
Like flaming arrows
Earth’s woes aim squarely at us
Through fire and flames

Till the end of time
I want to love you
In a quite difficult way
Till the end of days

I wish I could be
A bit of everything
To everyone

A modern hermit
Alone but never lonely
Content by himself

I saw an airplane
Shooting across the night sky
And my wish came true

Spring becomes summer becomes
Fall and then winter

Ray of Light
Every Road to you
Is a ray of light that I
Walk bravely upon

Shining Down
Look up in the sky
And see the stars of your lives
Shining down on you

Sky’s the Limit
How I wish I could
Always and forever be
Shining down on you

Cruel World
This world’s cruelty
Unsheathes its hidden truths and
Brings us to our knees

Love Rollercoaster
Roller coaster love
He smiled and holds her hand tight
Through the light and dark

Thunder Ball
We dream of monsters
As the rumble of thunder
Rages high above

Unrequited love
Like ripe fruit left in the sun
Will spoil over time

Metal Cage
Turn the ignition
Press the accelerator
Of your metal cage

With our frozen hearts
All the birds and all that grow
Are forever gone

Plastic Beach
On littered beaches
Nature is corrupted by
Factories far away

Helicopters flew
In single file across my
Dream’s barren landscapes

Daggers of the Mind
Icicles of fog/
Like daggers pierce through my dreams/
With their poisoned tips

And with that the year comes to its inevitable conclusion. Thanks for your audience, and I hope to see you again in the New Year for my Heroes and Haiku project aka 52. 52 weeks, 52 Haiku and 52 of my personal heroes. As always, I'm yours.
Lloyd Webber

Friday, December 30, 2011


The end is just the beginning, so here's something to tide you till then.

Round and round, what goes around comes around...

Old Man winter
Winter – the old man
Alone with his memories
But never lonely

Summer tears
Windows left unlocked
An open invitation
For summer sky’s tears

Sunburns on the skin
Rays penetrating below
Boiling our beauty

Placid summer pond
A swan, all alone lands on
The rippled surface

My optimism
A mirage in desert sun

Purple Haze
Purple haze robs us
Of the vision of the trees
The blue of the sky

In soft moonlit night
Fireflies light the night sky
Sparking fireworks

Cold nights in winter
Draw me closer to you as
You’re further away

Rainbow Road
On the long way home
I saw a rainbow beneath
My feet on the street

Along the way
I travelled a long
Way to the places you
And I used to be

Time we had
The time we have is
Not gone, though the way we chose
Was the winding one

Midnight Breeze
On the long way home
I heard some ghosts laughing in
The trees’ midnight breeze

Surface Tension
Will you let me see?
Past your face to see
What is really you

The end of the world
Cometh – not with a bang, but
Rather – a whimper

Winter’s dying breath
Spring beckons worlds of beauty
Always transforming

Enjoy them, after all they're yours,
Lloyd Webber

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Long, winding road

A few more, as the year draws to its inevitable end
Never leads to where you want to go...

My epiphany
Realized in wells of clouds
At the first sunrise

Oh Beating Heart
Spring’s first mists come out
Travelling between the pines
Of my dreaming heart

Dirty Days
Summer disappears
Like a whisper on my lips
Bitter cold within

Fire in the sky
Falling out of aeroplanes
Hiding out in holes
Waiting for the sun to set

Fallen Heroes
A broken tree felled
Gives no shade to the weary
Our mistakes laid bare

Brick Wall Lights
Bright lights shining through
The cracks along the brick wall
Brightening our days

Stress relief
Exhale all your stress
Before you are unglued by
The world’s vast troubles

A wild wind blowing
Through corridors of my heart
Love won’t let me go

Let me go
Gravity chained me
A ray of light released me
Love, don’t let me go

A world’s violence
Trapped within a sphere with
No hope of release

I hear it coming
The wild serenade of sound
Like a siren call

Mad Men
Time comes a creeping
A loaded gun held by
Madmen and knaves

The long and winding road
On beautiful nights
Only time can lead you home
Through long winding roads

Viva la Vida
Gravity – free me
So my feet don’t touch the ground
Never hold me down

Revenge is sweet
A hyacinth rose
Cut down in its prime of life
Sharp thorns take revenge

Yours to keep,

Lloyd Webber

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A vicious cabaret...

Have a few more, and I'll be happy for the privilege of giving them to you.

Life's a bored game, but what are the rules?

Gone Tomorrow
We are here today
But may be gone tomorrow
The sad, painful truth

Two Wrongs
Remember the truth
Two wrongs do not make a right
The truth of our eyes

Truth is a bludgeon
That keeps mankind on the path
To enlightenment

I have miles to go
And a promise to keep
Before I may sleep

Death comes on swift wings
With a bang not a whimper
Bringing dread chaos

When in your presence
Hours seem to disappear
Time seems to stand still

Dragon Tears
How bitter is truth?
The poison pill we must drink
Till the end of days

Vicious Cabaret (The Beginning)
Life – a cruel game
With roles, but no rules in such
Vicious cabaret

Board games
They say that life’s a game
But they take the board away
Leaving us alone
In their vicious cabaret

All the world’s a stage
And all of us just players
Playing but bit parts
In a vicious cabaret

Mardi Gras
The actors of life
Have their frozen smiles trapped as
They wait their cue to
Join its vicious cabaret

We have our dark masks
And our pretty costumes
Yet must improvise
In this vicious cabaret

Ex Machina
In secret dreams we
Hunger for the harsh embrace
Of love’s cruel machines
In life’s vicious cabaret

There is a young girl
Who yearns for a father’s love
Desperate she is
For fate’s vicious cabaret

Do as you please (The End)
She would rather live
A life of do-as-you-please
Than outside in the cold
In her vicious cabaret

Demon Days
Keep the faith my friends
As we live in fear and strife
Through these demon days

Melancholy Hill
I wish I could fly
Up to melancholy hill
With you by my side
Fallen Angels
I believe I can
Fly high just to touch the sky
But don’t let me fall

And so it begins
I dreamt a dream to forget
The pain trapped inside

April Showers
By April, the blue
Mountain’s transformation from
White to green is done

May Flowers
By May, the flowers
Bloom in their tender manner
Spring is here, again

Calm before the Storm
In early evening
Small, flat stones line the calm shores
Speaking soft words

Edge of the World
At life’s edges
From the depths of despair comes
Salvation’s approach

An Ill wind that blows no good
The ill spring breeze blows
A dawn of cherry blossoms
Brought it to an end

Mystic River
The high peaked clouds lie
In the lake’s watery depths
Bringing calm stillness

Weary travellers
Standing at the water’s edge
Motionless in time

The pleasure's all mine, even though they remain yours,

Lloyd Webber