Monday, October 17, 2011


Dandelion floating in the wind so free
Who denies your fearful majesty?
Through the dew and the frost
You survive-but what the cost?

Through nights dark and deep
You thrive even as we sleep
Past the wild green yonder
Leaving mankind to ponder

The mighty hand that did create thee
Wondrously for all to see
Even in the night so dark
Your light flickers like a spark

What the hearts and what the hands?
You remain constant, like shifting sands
Your beauty – in the eye of the beholder
What the slings and arrows that you suffer?

Morning dew paints your flowers
Rain clouds bless you with their showers
Dandelion floating in the wind so free
None can deny your fearful majesty
What Can I Say? I Love DandyLions

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