Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lost in Wonderland

The Looking Glass 

Alone – in a crushing, faceless sea. 
Trapped by the looking glass – a mirror for the universe, 
The hidden door all around us.
Egress for the soul, 
Keeping a universe at bay.

Rush headlong and drink its world in. 
Lose yourself in its seductive charm. 
Fly through a one-way entrance, 
Through a screen door forever ajar –
to a world locked away

A rushing flood – 
Draining beat-by-beat, humanity’s heart. 
None care break free from its seductive chain. 
On the way down, we rush everlong – 
into the seductive rabbit hole. 

Through the looking glass we go –
Racing to a rocky bottom
Hiding a lonely place of dying.
There we wait, to wither away 
And fritter away our joyful youth. 

Head bowed, and led astray
By lifeless bright lights that hold
Plastic memories and dreams. 
Headlong and headstrong–we come of age 
Ensnared by jailers we chose – trapped in a looking glass
Death and its spiral

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