Saturday, November 29, 2014



Amid frozen dreams and falling skies,
A rush of blood flows to the heart - 
Till its walls fall – leaving us alone.

Follow me –
Your heart beats like mine.

Around us lies a world,
Loud and incoherent 
With its clinging and clanging,
Drowned out by hearts
Beating as one.

Free from the chains
Of this world and its ties –
That bind.

Follow me –
Until we find,
The world as we want it to be 
Somewhere beyond a rainbow,
Where worries and cares 

A world where stars and skies collide
Where heartbeats and dreams live.
Forever –
Heartbeat as one


  1. The dichotomy of living beating hearts with the crystallized cold space. Chills.

    I'm still getting some strong Icarus vibes here. Maybe it wasn't the sun that melted his wings but the frozen upper reaches of the atmosphere that stole his heart, crystallized just out of reach of the stars.

  2. I was going to do a writer's note, but I was still working through what I was trying to say with the piece. I've become a bit enamoured with the idea of trying to be better, dreaming (and living) larger than you have any right to regardless of the consequences. I think the Icarus connection is a good one. Fly too close to the sun, let your heart beat as fast as it can, dream a large dream and let what happens happen. Like Icarus, you will have lived longer in those seconds, than if you had lived a lifetime otherwise.

    I think I might use that as the writer's note :)

    1. Life is for living, and not in ice, but in consuming fire. Makes me think of Achilles, Alexander - and the latter's epic epitaph: here lies on for whom the world was not enough. Bam.

    2. Imagine all of this from a simple 6-stanza piece. There's power in words, indeed, or maybe the power is in us, and the words bring them out!