Friday, April 17, 2015

2015: 365 Unfiltered - Hands in Frame

Tick Tock

Once upon a day
In a land far away
On a bleak Thursday in November
Came the darkest evening of the year

A child was born
Naked as the morn
Then tick tock
Began the clock

His beginning had come too early
Its start would prove so dreary
Pitiful wails filled the air
All looked on in despair

His end may come, his end may not
But fate is a foe that cannot be fought
And yet still, tick tock
Continued the clock

By chance, his demise was delayed
And life began with a debt to be paid
In time the boy grew strong and brave
Fought the throngs and battled knaves

Kept his nose down to the grindstone
Moved through life’s dead-end zones
And yet still, tick tock
Went the weary clock

Though the skyline fades into night
It will look brighter in hindsight
We have nothing but time, as tick tock
Always goes the clock
The Watchmen


  1. Bravo. This one is unsettling in a way that makes you want to get out of your chair and conquer the world. Also, you used "knaves"- :)

    1. Thanks Elena! Unsettling probably describes most of my work, ;)

      I originally had scoundrels in place of Knaves, but couldn't find anything appropriate to rhyme it with.

      Knaves worked better than I could have ever imagined :)