Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wow, spring is here and so am I,
The winter has been good, I slept, I stretched, I grew strong, I survived
My roots reached right down and I was as warm as your blanket was,
Now I spread my leaves and my flowers are up decorating
The land, The landscape, The life, Your life
Since time immemorial.
I was here before you all, now you are trying to exterminate me.
Pollutants, Pesticides.
Pulling me up heartlessly, hacking me out
Like that ladylike lady, so kind to everyone but me.
Now here comes this fatherly father with his lawnmower
I thought the death sentence was no longer here
I guess I am wrong
When the frost comes on strong
When your tulips fail
When the marigold gives up because of a little frost
When the "perennial" and the "annual" have depleted your income
When the garden is bare, I'll be there
I celebrate life, hardy, headstrong, hopeful
I shall survive no matter what

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