Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Darkest Afternoon of the Year

The day was clear and crisp,

The sun shone with a cold flame

From the upper reaches of the sky, they came-

An invading army, unyielding, uncompromising,

That covered everything within their path.

They fell from the sky in twos and threes,

Unique in their beauty and ferocity.

The people below rejoiced at their coming-

Save for one, for only he knew their terrible secret.

Their presence would cause an irrevocable change-

That would make even the oldest of people,

Careen with reckless abandon down the steepest slopes,

With naught but flimsy instruments.

Their presence would allow the creation-

Of the most intricate, yet fleeting of monuments.

The little ones would gather them,

And fling them with great force at each other.

They brought no tidings of comfort and joy at all,

It was not simply the first snowfall.

It was the darkest afternoon of the year.

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