Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Death coming out of a Dolphin’s mouth

Crustacea, Crustacea

Once upon a time, at the bottom of a great ocean,
There was a cove where the creatures known as Crustacea, resided.
Their existence had once been a mystery to the rest of the world,
Obscured as they were by great coral reefs.

Here they carried out their peaceful lives,
Free of the litany of overindulgence and gluttony going on above.
To live in harmony with the spirit of the ocean called Dolphin was enough.

But one day, strange folk appeared in the coves where the Crustacea lived,
They came with all manner of entrapments. 
The strange folk were camouflaged behind clear glasses and dark attire. 
The Crustacea never saw them, for you see without the truth of the eyes,
The Crustacea were blind.

In time, the strange folk found their way into the lower reaches of the great ocean,
Where they discovered the secret of the Crustacea.
For you see, within the Crustacea lay treasures of unimaginable sincerity and deliciousness.

Soon the strange folk began to mine the great ocean, 
its richness fuelling the greed and excess of their own world.

Meanwhile, the Crustacea lived fearfully, 
Their dreams invaded by the stories of comrades,
placed in miniature boiling oceans that brought great pain, death, and the final molt to red.

The Crustacea slept restlessly, 
their dreams invaded by the shadowy folk capturing and torturing them.

Why would the Ocean called Dolphin bring darkness and despair into their lives?
As the strange folk began to mine deeper into the coves,
More Crustacea began to disappear,
Limited as they were by their mobility

Eventually, the king of the Crustacea,
Whose name was unspeakable in the tongue of the strange folk,
Was captured and transported a great distance to a strange place.

He held out no hope. He knew how his story would end.
No one ever escaped the clutches of the strange folk.
He was placed in the bottom of a miniature ocean with metal walls he still knew as Dolphin.

Soon, there came a sound, a deep roar,
Distant at first, but it grew into a castrophany so loud,
It could be heard by all the Crustacea.
There were no screams. There was no time.
The ocean called Dolphin had spoken.
There was only Fire, the final molt to red, and then nothing.


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