Sunday, February 20, 2011

Desert Oasis

A lonely soul made his way through a desert
In search of paradise, and an escape from the hurt
It was a desert of his own making, but it was no less real
 And so he walked, all alone with the scars that only time could heal

Time-no longer his ally, stood still as he traversed the barren landscape
The undulating rhythms of the desert cast odd shapes,
But with a singular focus, he continued along his path
As the unrelenting sun bore upon him its wrath.

Still he pressed on toward his prize
His search had put scales in his eyes

He felt like the sole survivor of a bloody war,
Whose purpose had been lost in time, forevermore
He had trekked boldly across the troubled world of his mind
In search of adventure and more that he would never find

He had come this far, and would not falter
He was parched, and in search of water.
Then he saw it, shimmering in the bright light of the sun,
Like a priceless gem. He broke into a run

He couldn’t believe the truth of his eyes-It had to be a mirage
He blinked once, then twice, but still he saw her glorious visage
It had to be a godsend
His journey could finally end

It had only happened by grace
He stared in wonder at her beauteous face-
He had found his oasis in the desert

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