Sunday, February 20, 2011

All The Beauty I See

World of Wonders
What does the tiny hummingbird feel as he flutters his wings?
If only his voice were louder, then maybe we could hear his song.
What do honeybees sense as they sip their sweet nectar?
Their exhilaration is a paradise we will never know.

Do the carpenter’s tools partake in his zeal?
Do the violinist’s strings feel her joy?
Does the painter’s canvas share her passion?
Does the writer’s pen experience his pain?

Does the beauty of a sunrise still take the breath away?
Is a sunset an end, or the promise of a new beginning?
Will the view from a mountain top ever lose its delicate charm?
Will a snowflake ever lose its intricate, magnificent allure?

Will a summer sky’s subtle variations of blue ever cease to amaze?
Will the rainbows after a storm ever cease to reassure?
Everywhere we look, we see scenes of the sublime.
Will the world ever lose its wonder?
Hidden in plain sight

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