Sunday, February 20, 2011


Once again, the seasons have changed,
And replaced their many coloured cloaks.
The night air fills with my breath,
On solitary drives in the cold, snowy nights.

 Beneath the gleaming ballroom lights,
Time slowly ticks by like sand
Through a miniature hourglass as
The frozen beach moves beside me.

The beauty of the world is a revelation
That fills my sleep with dreams,
Of the time passed with,
And without, your shining face.

Of tap dancing on the moon,
And writing an ode on the sun
Of being a passerby who finds a place to stay
Of throwing caution to the wild wind
And taking the cold plunge into the sea

Maybe the high tide will take me far away,
Breaking waves will flow through submerged caves,
The brilliant colours of the rainbow will fall like snow,
My Technicolor life will be transformed,

For though we are now steeped deep in winter,
Spring must come again. Spring will come again.
If I reached across the galaxy, I would whisper
In your ear – Oh how I wish I could be there.

I still dream of the splendour of your brown eyes,
Your quiet grace and I wonder, I sometimes wonder.
When the sun peeks through, on cold winter days,
Do you ever stare at frozen creeks across the wild yonder?
Do you ever stare across the frost-blanketed fields?
And even for a moment, dream of me too?*

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