Sunday, February 20, 2011


Title Inspired by William Blake’s most excellent poem “The Tyger”.

 Note to self

When the night is dark and the moon won’t turn
 and your dreams are visited with nightmares,
don’t ever write down the first thing
that comes to your mind when you
wake up, or this might be the result.

Sunrise –

He is already awake, working.
The poor orphan village boy,
With no socks or shoes,
Slowly dying from a lack of food,
And a gap in his small heart
The size of a mother’s love.

Sunset –

She is still awake, working.
The little orphan street girl,
With high heeled shoes and a miniskirt,
Dying slowly from the agony and shame.
As she watches the cars pass by,
She searches for a father’s love

But we remain unmoved for –
The truth is far too bitter a pill.
Though we hear thunder and lightning
Full of sound and light and fury,
We remain unmoved. But, always remember,
A conscience is a terrible thing to waste

Sunset –

 He is always awake, working,
And he remains unbowed.
Though he has no socks or shoes or food,
He still has hope,
And the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Sunrise –

She has never stopped working.
The streets are her office, and
The night flashes by as in a dream.
She will never know a father’s love,
But she has her pride and the hope
That tomorrow will be bright.

Yet still we remain unmoved.  But, never forget,
A conscience is a terrible thing to waste.

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