Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life Rollercoaster

Fly Away Home

I wish I could fly away, on this roller coaster
Through soaring heights, majestic ocean vistas
And past the dark tunnels that lie all around me
I’d survey all that I see, and feel the wind rush by

I’d gaze at the raindrops as they fall down
And look in awe upon the beautiful rainbows,
The delicate variations of white and blue on mountaintops
And lush green meadows beneath clear blue skies

Through it all, I’d never feel alone or out of place,
Because I feel reassured whenever I see your face
The dreary rain clouds have disappeared,
And now noting can bother me anymore,

I’d fly like Icarus through the clouds, towards the sun,
And kiss the ground wherever I land back down,
I’d walk through the art gallery of your life,
Hand in hand, and everything will be fine

I wish I could soar above these clouds,
I wish I could fly away, on this roller coaster,
I wish I could fly away, from Life’s roller coaster,
But will you fly along with me? I can’t do it alone.
Broken and askew, like everything that matters...

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