Sunday, February 20, 2011


Navigate the zigzags of life and let hope, reason and love be your only guides – Dean Koontz

Walk the straight and narrow path, through deep woods,
That creep down in crooked and jagged veins of earth.
Keep the faith. Happiness is but a few words away.
Persevere. Who knows how long it will stay?

Life is an arrow let fly from the cruel hands of fate.
It pours out, much as a river gushing down a mountain
In real life as in dark dreams, shed your wet chrysalis and fly.
Nothing, is ever as it seems. Depart the ground and kiss the sky.

The scattered, tortured thoughts of a forgotten man,
Hide timidly behind a thick cloud of endless words.
Not even he knows. Will days ever draw to a swift close,
In time or in tide for both his poetry and his prose?

I blinked once and sealed my fate when
I wrote this in place of poisoned heat, yet
I had to rid my heart of these intentions and
I pray for an end, but I do believe this is eternity.

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