Sunday, February 20, 2011


How cruel is life? – The game we must play
Till the bitter end of our days
We have our roles, but know no rules
For this – this vicious cabaret

With a clang and a cling, they come
And take the curtains away
Leaving us alone in this –
This vicious cabaret

Exit stage left – You’ve played your part
Your cameo is over.
The vicious cabaret
Continues without you

And so you stand trapped with
Your frozen smile as you await
Your cue – in the crazy mardi gras
Called life – a vicious cabaret
The dark masks and pretty costumes
Hide the truth – the great joke of life –
A tragicomedy played, populated and watched
By ghostly shells trapped in their human machines

Yet – we hunger for the embrace
Of machines – though they quicken our demise
with their harsh embrace in this –
This vicious cabaret

Desperate we are for love
Desperate we are for respite
From the game of life
And its vicious cabaret

Desperate we are for escape –
To a land of do as you please
Desperate for escape from the cold
And far away from the ghosts

The ghosts in the machine that haunt
The ghosts in our shells that taunt
The ghosts that know the secret truth –
There is no escape from this demented gag.

All we have is the realization
And the wait – the cold, long, hard wait
When we all become what we fear...

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