Sunday, February 20, 2011


Flowers in the valley

Standing in your majestic glory.
Soft white clouds lean down to kiss you.
The radiant sun shines for you, so true.

Look upon its beams of bright lights,
Showing majestic and wondrous sights.
Red in the morning, blue in the evening sun,
Snatching breath away from everyone.

Blue skies gaze down at you in awe,
So secure, Lily white and pure.
In the hills and highlands, you survive
In the cold breezes, you thrive.

The crescent moon shines on your face
As you bravely carve out your space
Drenched in beautiful twilight
You survive every cold night.

When night light fades to blue
It is never the same without you
Your petals sparkle in the night
How do they glow so bright?

Morning dew paints your flowers
Rain clouds bless you with showers
As you flutter down gently
In all your majestic glory

Your splendour is a wondrous mystery
Plain as night and day for all to see
No heart could fail to see your beauty

Flowers in the Valley

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