Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1 – I got sunshine in a bag

Artist: Gorillaz
Song: Clint Eastwood
Album: Gorillaz
Gorillaz are probably my favourite band of all time. They are a ‘virtual’ band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett consisting of Murdoc Niccals (a diabolical musical genius), Stuart Pot (aka 2D who is the main vocalist), Russel (a possessed drummer) and Noodle (An expert guitarist who just happens to be an assassin and 8 years old). Really, it didn’t matter what their first song that I heard was. I was destined to be a fan. What I love most about their music is that it defies definition. It’s a heady mix of electronic, rock, hip-hop, latin, punk, pop and a wide variety of other influences. Clint Eastwood, while not being the most representative song of their genre was an excellent starting point because it shows their potential. Their sound has matured and changed in later years, but still retains that core quality, even with their more esoteric, concept albums. They really should be a genre by themselves.
Their videos are insanely fun and always have a ton of easter eggs for fans to enjoy with every song and every album telling a story. It’s also nifty to have the band members age and change over time. It infuses a sense of realism and makes it easier to invest emotionally in them.
Clint Eastwood is a surprisingly introspective song that looks at our fascination with materialistic things and their ultimate futility as we match on to an ever uncertain future. The video is even better, showcasing all that is right with Gorillaz. I was barely 12 when I first heard it, and I would stay up late listening to the radio, just so I could hear it again. This song was like a gateway drug, and once I moved to Canada and had access to their entire library, I jumped in feet first. Fittingly, like most gateway drugs, I moved on, and this song alas, is no longer my favourite. That honour would have to go to ‘El Manana’. In conclusion, if you’re not listening to Gorillaz, you really should be.

P.S. Don’t mess with noodle

Best Lyrics:
I ain't happy. I'm feeling glad.
I got sunshine in a bag.
I'm useless, but not for long.
The future is coming on.

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