Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 14 – Play me something

Artist: Metric

Song: Gold, guns, girls

Album: Fantasies

Once again, I have EA to thank for introducing me to another band. I am a fairly new fan of Metric having only been starting listening to them within the past two years. 

Short background on Metric for those who don’t know, they’re a Canadian Indie Rock band that originally formed in Toronto. They remind me a lot of Paramore, especially since both have female lead singers with very distinctive voices. I’m still working my way through their library. Their most recent album, ‘Fantasies’
contains such gems as ‘Combat Baby’, ‘Gimme sympathy’ and ‘Stadium Love’. I may not have been listening to them for years, but that which I’ve heard has been quite excellent so far.

Best lyrics
I remember when we were gambling to win
Everybody else said better luck next time
I don't wanna bend let the bad girls bend
I just wanna be your friend
Is it ever gonna be enough?

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