Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 13 – When you sing the blues

Artist: Outkast - The Koolest Kats in Town
Song: Rosa Parks
Album: Aquemini

This is about a dynamic duo. The Batman and Robin of Southern Hip-hop and one of its more pioneering groups. Andre 3000 and Big Boi, both of Atlanta have been rocking the hip-hop game since 1992. The group’s earlier work was primarily southern hip-hop, but since then, they’ve branched out into other genres such as funk, soul, rock, electronic, blues and jazz.

Rightly so, they are one of hip-hop’s most successful groups having won numerous awards and sold millions of albums. Their constant experimentation with and reinvention of their sound has ensured that even as I’ve matured, so has their sound. Their sound is highly original and they tend to use some interesting instruments in their music, like the use of the harmonica in their song “Rosa Parks.” I first heard Outkast when I was barely 10 on the radio. Some of my fondest musical memories are listening to ‘Rosa Parks’, ‘Miss Jackson’, ‘So Fresh and So clean’ and a lot others.
They had a bit of a renaissance after their utter domination of the 90s with their double album ‘SpeakerBoxx/The Love Below’ which was another smash hit, spawning such earworms as ‘Hey Ya’, ‘The way you move’ and ‘Roses’. They’ve been in the game for almost my entire life, and they’re still going strong. You really ought to give them a listen if you haven’t yet. I promise you won’t be disappoint.  

Best lyrics:
met a gypsy and she hit me to some life game,
to stimulate and activate the left and right brain,
she said "baby boy you only funky as your last cut,
you focus on the past your ass'l be a has what

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