Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 9 – Loneliness is a pain

Artist: Dirty Vegas

Song: Days go by

Album: Dirty Vegas 

Dirty Vegas, a British House band are well known for their hit single ‘Days go by.’
Days go by was their debut single and is to date their most successful one. I heard of Dirty Vegas at about the same time as I heard Gorillaz, and while I prefer Gorillaz, Dirty Vegas are pretty alright. They haven’t been as successful as their hit single might have prophesied, but they’ve done alright.

Really not much to say. Days go by is a song of loss and a man waiting for the return of his one true love, while he dances his life away. The constant refrains of ‘Days go by’ are haunting and the vocal performance is quite nuanced for a house band. The music video is interesting and the band themselves are always good for a quick listen, especially their song, ‘I should Know’. 

Best Lyrics
Feel me when I'm at my Worst
Feeling as if I've been Cursed
Bitter Cold Within

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