Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 6 – Eyes closed and shouting

Artist: Matt and Kim
Song: Daylight
Album: Grand
There’s something slightly awesome about following a band that hasn’t quite yet reached mainstream success. There’s a tension and conflict between wishing them greater success and exposure and hoping that they don’t lose their soul and get corrupted in the process. It`s exhilarating and fascinating to watch. Matt and Kim are (in my opinion) criminally underrated. Their frantic brand of dance punk and DIY approach to music is refreshing in a world of over-produced synth pop. Their indie sound is a welcome addition to the cultural landscape.
Both Matt (The lead singer and keyboardist) and Kim (drummer) are self taught, and while they may not be the most technically gifted musicians, they make up for it with their enthusiasm and passion. This energy is especially evident in their live performances with audience participation being an integral part of their repertoire. In addition, they`ve utilized social media in a much more organic manner and actually interact with their fans quite extensively, which I find personally quite awesome.
Their first single `Daylight` from their second album is an excellent showcase of their unique sound and was a good primer, if you will. It`s a very high energy song that forces you to move at least one part of your anatomy. It is a song about taking chances and enjoying life to the fullest. At any time of the day, you have the choice to do whatever you want, from hitch-hiking to Maine to throwing your shoes into the ocean.
Their second single from their third album, `Block after Block` is a personal favourite just for the sheer joy that`s visible throughout the song and the video. Masked behind the upbeat tune are lyrics that describe the drudgery of a modern world, trapped within the concrete walls of our minds and a cruel society.

Best lyrics:
I have five clocks in my life
And only one has the time right
I'll just unplug it for today
I'll just unplug it for today

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