Friday, July 1, 2011


A month of first impressions

Our taste in music is so intensely personal and is intricately connected with our sense of self. Speaking for myself, I rarely get defensive about a lot of things, but I do tend to get my hackles up when I have to defend my music choices. A few days ago, I was browsing through my current playlists and wondering why I like the bands I listen to. This started as a simple mental exercise, but then I decided to expand on it and to see how my enjoyment of a band/singer’s music is highly dependent on when I was first introduced to them, but more importantly, the first song of theirs I was exposed to. Going through and making this list, I was amazed how rarely the first song I heard of an artists ended up being my favourite. They hold a lot of nostalgic memories, however, and had enough of a hook to draw me in and give me an incentive to try and learn more about a band.
So without further ado, for every day of the great month of July, I will walk you through my favourite artists, give you a brief overview of why I love them, my first experience with them and my favourite song. They’re really in no particular order

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