Friday, December 16, 2011

Hope and Reason

Another 20 just after I got my second wind. A personal favourite is 'Hope and Reason'
Themes and motifs involving weather, rain, and nature were recurring ones in this particular set, which I suppose is in keeping with the nature of haiku.
Walk the straight and narrow track

Summer, an open
Kitchen door. A bird hops in
and hops out again.

Rejoice at the rain
Beautiful rainbows await
The parched, dusty earth

Purple hyacinth
blooming in dark glory near
barely melted snow.

Call of the Wild
The frogs blare and chat
all night long, to be drowned out
by birds of morning

Call of the Wild 2
The birds of the day
Chirp joyously, but still they
Must give way to night

Dragonfly and Trout
A dragonfly perched
The trout leapt from the water
The river ran on

Fall Away
Yellow leaves in trees
soon to fall and sleep - their truths
are told in colors.

The seasons have changed
And replaced their coloured cloaks
With wondrous beauty

Poison Heat
The soft falling rain
Bathes the earth in a warm glow
And breaks poison heat

Ocean Breeze
Feel the ocean’s breeze
Warm, Summer days on a beach
Childhood dreams fulfilled

Float On
The Ocean glistens
I wish I could float away
On its warm currents

Sunshine Ray
Cold rays of sunshine
Pierce the sky on cloudy days
Bringing life below

Lion and Gazelle
The Lion runs free
Freedom paid in gazelle blood
Their lives intertwined

Summer Days
Lazy Summer Days
The cold rivers flow sweetly
Fish leap joyfully

Flaming Arrow
Life is an arrow
Let fly from fate’s too cruel hands
Keep faith, persevere

The Road Less Travelled
A fork in the road-
A momentous decision;
Take the less travelled

Hope and Reason
Keep hope and reason
Like a bright burning candle
As your guides through life

Non Sequitur
Hate is a bludgeon
Despair is mankind’s fountain
Drink it in deeply

Feel Good Inc.
Are all men born free?
Or born in cocoons unseen?
Trapped by destiny

Hound of the Baskervilles
Fate’s slings and arrows,
Pursue both good and evil,
From cradle to grave

Forevermore (6 6 6)
Nothing lasts forever
A truth we have to face
A curse we have to bear

As always, yours to enjoy,
Lloyd Webber

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