Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monochrome Supernova...

What would you do, for 20 more Haiku? Not much, I'd say...but the moment already passed

Almost an oxymoron

End of the line
Ride trains all the way
From start to end of the line
We’ve nothing but time

My black and white life
Painted in grey monochrome
No sunlight shines through

Chains on locked boxes
Swallow the combination
Never forget it

Tread softly
Tread softly with care
Beware the machinations
Of mankind’s evil

Red Green
Beauty of the world
Lovely sights glow red and green
In low winter sun

Evil wears a mask
With merry eyes and a smile
Just like you and me

Tears of a Mountain
Sweet saltwater tears
Like Waterfalls, flow freely
Down the mountain’s face

Television Screens
Poor replacement for parents
Children pay the price

Keep a pleasant air
Whether days are dark or fair
Tomorrow creeps by
In a perfect world
All would see right through to me
Not just the surface
Perfect Trains
The trains of our lives
Run on perfect time but with
No destinations
November has come
Where did it go? It won’t stay
Now it’s gone away
Black Hole Sun
The stars shine for you
As bright as supernovas
As dark as black holes
Shed No Tears
On the day I die
Bury me in grave honor
Leave your tears unshed
Violet Hill
On a mountaintop
Surrounded by love and snow
We gaze below
The seas and the shore
Dance delicate ballets in
Perfect harmony
Paris, Tokyo
Wake up in Tokyo
Fall in love in Chicago
Get wed in Paris
On beautiful days
Daydream beneath the flowers
For a few hours
Twisted Flowers
Pick apart flowers
To see the wonder beneath
That corrupts men’s souls
How green our eyes glow
How obscene our obsession
For the spoils of war

I stood on the opposite shore and gazed across to the suburbs and this is what I saw. I wish I could paint a picture and hang it in my heart for all to see. There it would remain forever, yours,

Lloyd Webber

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