Saturday, December 24, 2011

Desolation Road

A part of me feels like this is unfinished, but I can't write anymore. A part of me feels like it's too bleak, but I can't think how to change that. A part of me hopes it's liked, a part of me doesn't know why that matters...Enjoy

Desolation Road

A lonely man walks a lonely road
His violin’s cries pierce the night sky
Through life’s fire and flames, he marches.
Through snow peaked hills and valleys, he strides.

The tears fall like-
Dandelion petals coating snowy fields
Transporting him in time-
To the places he once used to be

Eyes wide open – unseeing
Longing for the peace of loneliness
Desolation is the place
That leads to his salvation

Desolation is the destination
Solitude is the road
A journey paid in blood
Sanctified in isolation

Salvation – his only succour.
Though the night be black
He walks on golden sands
Through stormy skies

With naught but a sliver of light
To guide his faint steps
Through treacherous paths
Off the cliffs of life

He desires a world
That slips through his fingers
A whisper of a sound
A ghost of a thing

A shell with a soft centre
That will never hold,
And his future slowly morphs
Into a past he cannot forget.

His fevered dreams of paradise
That never comes
Haunts the nightmares
That he blindly runs from

He pushes the boulder of doubt
And like Sisyphus’ –it returns
But to be outside, alone, in the cold
Is better than to be trapped inside

Yet, life marches on,
Heavy as the night,
A burden that breaks
Even the lowly butterfly

Life – The constant refrain
A rushing stream – a waterfall
A chanting like a drum
A cacophony of furious sound

His life – A portrait –
In bland sepia
Devoid of color in
A sea of black and gray

But in his darkest hour
When the night is blackest
He knows the setting sun must rise
And then will come his paradise.

Desolation - The loneliest place of all

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