Thursday, December 15, 2011


I wish I could be an Albatross for one more day...

20 more to slake your thirst, and like the title says, in the cruel days of February, this became more of a bother than it was worth, but the fear of success drove me on.

Fate of the World
The fate of the world
A tragedy told in blood
Who will write the tale?

Happy Lion
A dandelion
Floats by on a cloudless day
Forever so free

Dandy Lion
The dandelions
Flutter above bright flowers
And float for hours

Spider and Fly
Caught in tangled web
Poor fly struggles hopelessly
The spider frees him

Clouds float silently
The cemetery below
Lies dormant in bloom

Swan and Petunia Garden
A peaceful garden
Swans and Petunias reside
Such quiet bliss

The entire world
In a wide field of flowers
Scarlet Swallowtail

One June Day
Rain falls silently
On a beautiful June day
In search of a home

Gaze on a spring day
As hummingbirds slowly sip
Flowers’ sweet nectar

Wild and Free
The Lioness roars
The gazelle skips joyfully
Only they are free

Lying in Wait
Birds flutter above
Dry desert landscapes as they
Wait for a man’s death

Summer Time
The days are longer.
Sun slowly crosses the sky,
Begetting wild growth.

Sea and Moon
The sea gives the moon
The most beautiful mirror
To reflect beauty

Sea and Sky (5 7 7)
In a tranquil scene
Sea and sky do fierce battle
In peaceful serenity

The Geese (7 5 7)
Do you ever watch the Geese,
On cold winter days,
Who never seem to fly home?

The Geese (Part 2)
A little white cloud
Lost on a clear turquoise day
Guides a flock of geese

Maus (5 7 7 5 7)
I sometimes wonder
What does the field mouse wish for
As she scurries in her hole
No rest for a mouse
No way for a mouse to live

Frozen River
The river of life
What a sluggish pantomime
A frozen tableau

Fly Like an Eagle
Lend me your wings, bird
So I can spread them and fly
To never return

Ponderous on land
yet graceful under water

Same time, same channel tomorrow for another 20, as the countdown continues.
Humbly yours,

Lloyd Webber

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