Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shed your Chrysalis and fly...

These are the ones where I finally started to get my feet wet. I was slowly getting more comfortable with the format, while also chafing against its restrictions. I started playing with the rules, after all what good are rules if you never break them? Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, I was finally taking a step toward maturity

Enjoy the next 20...with plenty more to come
To be a Butterfly must feel like a miracle

Crazy Democracy
What’s democracy?
Majority tyranny
All hypocrisy

Nightmares and Daydreams
Sweet Insomnia;
A good old fashioned nightmare-
Kept at bay tonight

 Around the World
Been around the world
From west to east and north to south
But never to me

Honky Tonk of Fools
Drink away sorrow, 
and nurse all your fears, 
in a Honky-Tonk of fools.

Flutter down gently,
in your majestic glory,
oh special snowflake

   Black Hole
Darkness before dawn?
Falling into the black hole?
Can't distinguish yet.

  Waste of Time
Time forks countlessly
Creating untold futures
For mankind to waste

  Wave Goodbye
Look up in the sky,
As I fly through the dark night
And please wave goodbye

Night Time
Always open your eyes;
Close them, and here comes the night
Like a silent thief

Darkness Falls
To know true darkness,
Is to love the welcome dawn
And fear night’s great fall

Rainbow of Life
Dream in Black and White
Live life in Technicolor
Perish in Sepia

Fireflies (5 5 5)
In time and in tide,
The Firefly sleeps;
Rainfall fills her dreams

To Dream a Dream
Dream a quiet Dream
Sleep the sleep of the undead
Live a life of youth

Invictus (5 7 5 7)
Though the night be black
And nightmares visit my dreams
I will not despair
My fate is but mine to write

  Evening Days
Day was a bright dream
that evening has wound around
with deep blue paper

In real life and dreams
Shed your chrysalis and fly
Depart the cold earth

Tyger, Tyger
Darkness burning bright
Much too dark to hide the truth
Of our wretched eyes

Wolves howl in the night
A stray dog bays at the moon
Hear the wind’s whisper

Whisper of the moon part 1
On a cloudless night
The moon whispers silently
Of places unknown 

    Whisper of the moon part 2
The moon’s quiet whisper
A tale of life, love, loss, and
Humanity’s fate 

 Whisper of the moon part 3
The cold moon’s whispers
Unravel their mystery

Rainbow of life is the only one I really like, the rest are all tired and overwrought. I blame winter blues.


Lloyd Webber

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