Monday, December 19, 2011

Clouds above a cemetery

Another 20 means 20 less...
Can't even tell the time of day
Protector – Guest Haiku from Srivatsa Huruli

A mother's pure love
A new man with strength and will
Protector of Light

There will come the day
When we will see and believe
All is vanity

We shall not be moved
Not even by a young child
Dying from no food

King Leonidas
And only three hundred men
Kill a bunch of brown guys

Smiling Portrait
Remember the days
When portraits showed toothy smiles
Those times are long gone

300 Nanos
King Ioannidis
And but three hundred nanos
Brought pain to my life

Death of a Car Salesman – Guest Haiku from Jonathan Hernandez
Velocity red!
Life: the American dream;
I am a failure.

Winter Fog
Dark fog owns my soul
The winter hourglass flows
Like rivers below

The following is a series I call Tales of the Gods. Its best read as a whole so once the Haiku series is over, I’ll post it as a note. The entire tale and the missing details will remain with me.

The Dogs of War (Prelude to Tales of The Gods)
War is a fire
set in forests made of men
who burn for nothing.

Tales of the Gods Part 1
Millennia past
In the era before time
There lived the old gods

Tales of the Gods part 2
These gods of long ago
Ruled for eons, but in time
The old gods did die

Tales of the Gods part 3
The death of the old
Led invariably to
The birth of the new

Tales of the Gods Part 4
There came Ragnarok
And a split between the gods
A cataclysm

Tales of the Gods Part 5
High gods lived in bliss,
And Low Gods in agony –
Ruled by pure terror

Tales of the Gods Part 6
Their very natures
Made war inevitable
Such a bloody day!

Tales of the Gods Part 7
For eternity
War raged unabated
Good versus evil

Fall of the Gods
War and all it brought
Were a raging inferno –
The gods were no more

Rise and Fall of the New Gods
Hubris was to blame
But then came the rise of Man
Who loved war far more –
Their end: even more tragic

Epilogue of the Gods
Such is the cruel fate
Of either mankind or gods
If war perseveres

Revolutions (5 7 7)
The world keeps spinning
Yet I remain tethered
To the things I try to lose

Yes, they're yours,

Lloyd Webber

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