Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Manticore...

Another few, no less than you deserve really.

He ought not be feared...

Works of art sublime
In this crazy world squeeze out
Sweet melodic rhymes

Apokolips Now
Damp winds of winter
Blow their apocalypses
As morning skies fade

Man and Beast Redux
Mankind and nature
Share the same imperfections
There for all to see

Buried Treasure
We alone exhume
Secrets safe within the tombs
Of dead memories

The Manticore
Fear the manticore
And the wonders of the world
For their fifth business

Hell on Earth
We live in strange times
A paradise built in hell
Of our own making

Rhinestone eyes
Falling from the sky
I spy, with my little eye
Your bright Rhinestone eyes

How the Bell Tolls
Listen to the Bells
And the tale their terror tells
Oh how the bells toll

We never dare sleep
For our dreams open doorways
Into an abyss

Cry of the Orphan
A little hungry
Needs a little money for
His little tummy

Bonfire of the Vanities
Yes. You lift me up
But you bring me down in our
Never ending dance

El Manana
Lazy summer days
Waiting for El Manana
When you would be mine

Music for the People
Who is Music for?
Music is for the people
Our redemption

November November
You will see the truth
Only when it’s gone away
November has come

Dirty Harry
Poor Lonely people
Burning bright in yellow sun
Who is their saviour?

All I Want to do is Dance
Remember the days?
When you and I used to dance?
I still want to dance

Close Your Eyes
Close your eyes and see
The coming morn says nothing
Close your eyes to see

Without a Trace
I see your face
Fade away without a trace
As the night beckons

To Sleep, To sleep, To Sleep
No matter how much
No matter how hard we try
The dead never rise

When I feel alone
When it seems like no one cares
I remember you

Life is littered with
Speed bumps of adversity
Like mines in a field

All of the world’s ills
Are sitting and waiting to
Roll away on wheels

Fly High
Reach high for the stars
So you can land on the clouds
If you ever fall

Dance of the Dead
Waiting for sunset
When everybody dances
The dance of the dead

Three kings
Who needs fairytales?
We can write our own stories
Of life, love and loss

Dare we Linger?
Standing on thin ice
Waiting for the drop below
Do we dare linger?

Enter Sandman
Please gift me a dream
Mister sandman – to escape
My manacled bonds

Lloyd Webber

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