Saturday, December 24, 2011

Raindrops on my window

A Tableau...Frozen In Time

20 more in honour of Christmas Eve...may all your dreams come true this year and next.

To dream a dream
Dream a quiet dream
if you dream it might come true
dream of peace, not war

Dance the winter away
Let us dance with words:
holding winter far away
from our reverie

Insomnia Drizzles
Tapping the keyboard
I write. Tapping the window,
Friday midnight rain.

Love and Money
In a perfect world
We could survive enjoying
Both love and money

Pinned down by the dark
Nearly crying as I sleep
The danger of life

The Hurt Locker
Listen to the clock
Tick tock, the hurt is trapped
Inside the locker

Desert Leaves
Seeing a yellow
tree in the desert leaves us
thirsting for autumn

Your violin speaks -
time is suspended – while you’re
playing Beethoven

Weeping Cello
The mournful cello
Sighing, grey dead leaves outside
tonally atones

Journey to You
Seven hour flight
Or forty five minute drive
My journey to you

I was gone. They went.
Alone, I type a haiku
awaiting their return.

Fade to Black
Skyline fades to night
The streets change their coloured lights
As Day fades from sight

Time Detime
Time creeps silently
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
Always at one speed

Flower of Dreams
This, the spring of life
unfolds the flower of dreams
in life’s bright meadows

Call of Destiny Part 1
In this slow evening
the city quietly calls
from my walls to yours

Call of Destiny Part 2
With tones like wet stones.
Sound and life are quickened here
tightened by the night

Call of Destiny Part 3
which is emptier
without you. Sharpened, evening
glitters on rivers;

Call of Destiny Part 4
the city's windows
are reflected too, wide fields
of distorted moons.

Alpha Centauri
Close, way beyond us,
Proxima Centauri.
No one can claim it.

Death from Above
Falcon swooping down
Calligraphy on the sky-
Talons, then the beak

A part of me is still not sure how I managed to write so many, but I'm glad I did and they remain as usual, yours,

Lloyd Webber

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