Sunday, December 25, 2011

Falling Rain...

Christmas Day means 20 more Haiku and best wishes to all.
Another excellent batch, if I do say so myself
Like Rhinestones from the sky

Destiny’s Trap
Are we creatures free?
Nothing matters but freedom
From destiny’s traps

Heaven and Hell
Bright Heaven, Dark Hell
Salvation, fire and flames
Mankind’s creation

Far Too Soon
Powerful despair
A loss that should not have been
A time far too soon

Too Bright Days
Gazing down at you
Through brilliant, yellow rays
On far too bright days

Hold fast to the truth
As you walk hell’s library
With no guiding lights

Secrets of the past
Buried dark and deep, will last
As our days bleed fast

In a secret world
No confidante can betray
Words you did not say

Suicide Blade
Drip, Drip as it falls
We live in strife and fear of
Our Suicide blades

Beautiful Dreamers
Beautiful Dreamers
Sleeping on terror firmer
Forget to wake up

Hear the melody
Dance to its tune if you can
The rhythm of life

The Hours
In darker hours
Evil triumphs, good cowers
Truth of the world

Flavour savour
Our lives are seasoned
With bitter tears that flavour
The things we savour

Circle of Life and Death
The circle of life?
More like the circle of death
What a cruel joke

Weight of the world
You, me and the world
We have a weight to carry
A burden to bear

Apokolips now –
The smell of approaching doom
Hope and reason lost

Walk The Line
This is not my path
This is not the place I sought
Just a dream I bought

Year of the Drone
Death reigns from above
Spreading suffering below
The year of the drone

Sleepy hollow
Life’s dark mysteries
Bite and bark and come for us
In sleepy hollows

Head in the Clouds
Walking lonely streets
Enjoying the sounds of silence
Head in soft white clouds

Rain is falling like
Rhinestones from the sky in our
Paralytic dreams

Of course, they're forever, yours,

Lloyd Webber

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