Saturday, December 31, 2011

Life's a Beach...

Beginnings are impossible, but endings are too hard. I'll see you in the New Year.
Entirely made of plastic.

The shattered windows
Of my mind’s deep recesses
Laid bare for your eyes

Fire and Flames
Like flaming arrows
Earth’s woes aim squarely at us
Through fire and flames

Till the end of time
I want to love you
In a quite difficult way
Till the end of days

I wish I could be
A bit of everything
To everyone

A modern hermit
Alone but never lonely
Content by himself

I saw an airplane
Shooting across the night sky
And my wish came true

Spring becomes summer becomes
Fall and then winter

Ray of Light
Every Road to you
Is a ray of light that I
Walk bravely upon

Shining Down
Look up in the sky
And see the stars of your lives
Shining down on you

Sky’s the Limit
How I wish I could
Always and forever be
Shining down on you

Cruel World
This world’s cruelty
Unsheathes its hidden truths and
Brings us to our knees

Love Rollercoaster
Roller coaster love
He smiled and holds her hand tight
Through the light and dark

Thunder Ball
We dream of monsters
As the rumble of thunder
Rages high above

Unrequited love
Like ripe fruit left in the sun
Will spoil over time

Metal Cage
Turn the ignition
Press the accelerator
Of your metal cage

With our frozen hearts
All the birds and all that grow
Are forever gone

Plastic Beach
On littered beaches
Nature is corrupted by
Factories far away

Helicopters flew
In single file across my
Dream’s barren landscapes

Daggers of the Mind
Icicles of fog/
Like daggers pierce through my dreams/
With their poisoned tips

And with that the year comes to its inevitable conclusion. Thanks for your audience, and I hope to see you again in the New Year for my Heroes and Haiku project aka 52. 52 weeks, 52 Haiku and 52 of my personal heroes. As always, I'm yours.
Lloyd Webber

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