Sunday, December 18, 2011

The lighthouse beckons...

20 more, a few less to go...

A harbinger of doom
Never Fail
I will never fail
Failing you, I fail myself
I will not fail you

Secrets and Lies
This dam of secrets,
Will burst like overripe fruit;
All will tumble out

    Worst Enemy
The sad, awful truth
We are our own worst enemies
Without knowing it

Song of Songs
Let me sing a song;
A lyrical rhapsody
Of your true beauty

  Lighthouse and Ships
She is a perfect drug
Her sweet lips are a lighthouse
And his are a ship

Ensnared in a trap
A trap quite like no other
Can no one free me?

Word Cloud
We hide timidly
Behind clouds of thick words that
Say far more than we can

Hand in Glove
Fold your arms slowly
I don’t want you to hold me
You’ll fit like a glove

Stuck tight forever
And she’ll never come unglued
From my deep, dark mind

Crazy Tuesday
She don’t know why and
She never had a reason
But she’ll make you cry

   Who am I?
The man with the plan
My parents named me warrior
They call me Verbal

The skyline is bright
And the streets call out our names
To paint the town red

 Gamma Ray
Never fear summer
Even when the heat wave hits
Like a Gamma Ray
          Database Corrupted (7 5 7)
Dreams: A window to the soul
A truth revealed, my
Database is corrupted

Rules of the game
Five syllables first,
seven in second stanza,
back to five again

Listen to silence
As it drowns out your voice
Life’s great paradox

Which is mightiest?
Sharp sword, even sharper pen?
Or a nagging wife?

  Pass the popcorn
The troubles of life
A never ending movie
Alas! No popcorn

The passing shadows
That blanket my eyes were
Made for you to stare

Raging infernos
In which mankind is consumed
Who will save our souls?

I wish I could always, be yours,

Lloyd Webber

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