Monday, December 26, 2011

Teach me to fly...

Or maybe cushion my fall, as I plummet from the sky
A few more than 20, but I don't think anyone minds 

Rain Man
They rain upon us
These thunderstorms of madness
Bringing grief without relief

Learn to Fly
In these darker days,
There is nothing left to learn
Except how to fly

Teach me to Fly
Teach me how to fly
Or cushion my fall below
To hell’s dark fire

Fall into place
Struggling just to see
We’re all waiting for our dreams
To fall into place

Ever After
We live forever
Happily ever after
In oblivion

Fools Fools Fools
Fools rush blindly in
Where even angels fear to tread
A sign of our times

Cascades of sorrow
Rain their misery upon us
Drowning tomorrow

Oceans pulled him down
He fell in love with the sun
And fell from the sky

Summer Heat
Searing Summer Heat
Comes and goes quickly in time
Leaving scars behind

The violin sits,
Unplayed, waiting, while we are
moved by nature’s peace.

Out and About
Ribbons of grey fog
purple mountain majesties
The outdoors beckon

In thought and Deed
Mastery of form;
discipline of thought and word -
wisdom sprouts anew

Curse of Man
Crippled by faction,
We fail to love our brothers
Our own flesh and blood

Spring into action
The flowers in bloom
Twigs and string, feathers and grass -
morning song's nursery

Fertile structures rise,
Straining to reach daylight and-
Signs of renewal.

Synchronous, a smile,
watching words flow to the shore,
to share elements of us

The World at large
Ice ages, heat waves
Snapshots from our bleak future
Of global warming

Flavour of the month
Greed, envy and hate –
Condiments that flavour our
Wretched existence

Solid Gold
Out in the city
To meet and be somebody
Made of solid gold

More to Life
There is more to life
Than in our philosophies?
I wish I knew what

The Call
Who answers death’s call?
With its dark trumpets and horns
That bring strife and scorn

Seasons’ dormant seeds
Hide under cold winter fields
Waiting for harvests
I've been good this year and this reward, of course, is yours,

Lloyd Webber

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