Saturday, December 17, 2011

Searching for Valhalla...

Across the Rainbow Bridge

A few more...As Spring rolled around. My misanthropy is out in full force, though some gems like 'Road to Destiny' redeemed me somewhat.

The Truth
Hold fast to the truth
Fear not man’s machinations
Your reward will come

Man and Beast
Courage, friendship, love,
Lift us above simple beasts
And make us human

Courage and Conviction
We must embrace love
Why do we sleep with our hate?
Change is not too late

Road to Destiny
Fate is the driver,
Hope is the destination,
And love is the road

Concrete Jungle
Paradise is gone
Replaced with wild abandon
By concrete Jungles

We are too many
We pollute and steal and kill
We are too many

Blank Space (5 5 5)
Blissful solitude
The blank white paper
Life of a writer

Far From Home
A nomadic soul
The open world his comfort
Nostalgia his home

Poisoned Fruit
Knowing drives us mad;
Yet still our quixotic quest,
For boundless knowledge

Fly Away Kite
The kite string unwinds
faster than my hands can catch
my dreams fly away        
Inflict Love
Ours is to shed light.
Passions etch our dreaming skies,
as we inflict love. 

We are still at war
why can't I remember when
we were still at peace?

Ocean View
Temptation will float
in an ocean of boredom
seeking souls as shores.

Dark times have fallen
When traitors are called heroes
And heroes traitors

The Afternoon View
Lean back and enjoy
The view from the afternoon
On an autumn day

Cry From the Grave
The tortured souls of
Sleepless souls cry from the grave
For respite from death

Poison Pill
Now I realize
The poison pill slyly slipped
In my life’s wine glass

And so it begins
The search for my Valhalla
What will the end be?

Why learn from the past?
Much easier to repeat
Your greatest mistakes

The End of the Beginning (5 7 7)
In time and in tide,
The days draw to a swift close
For my poetry and prose

As always, 

Forever yours,

Lloyd Webber

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