Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Setting Sun Must Rise...

Warning: The following may exceed your daily recommended dose of Haiku. Always follow the posted instructions and read with caution.
Sometimes even lightning cries...
These are probably the tightest cluster of 'quality' Haiku. Everyone is a gem. Take a particular look at 'Music', 'Perfect Symphony', 'Sharks', 'Fair Trade', 'Fear the Night', 'Unity', 'Laughter', 'Imagination' and 'Broken Heroes'. I had these periodic spurts of inspiration which felt far too fleeting. In these moments, I barely seemed to be writing at all. I felt like a conduit for an actually talented writer. The source is not important though, only the outcome
In place of despair,
It is music that I choose -
To replace my fear

A Tune for the Times
Whistle a new tune
And pray that the day comes soon
When we feel alive

Snow White
Gaze from high rooftops
At frozen tableau of snow
Lily white and Pure

I slept day and Night
Through suspicious little coughs
Trapped in my own thoughts

Perfect Symphony
In a perfect world
I could write a symphony
A sweet melody

Sharks circle slowly
The calm blue ocean flows by
Endlessly swimming

Fair Trade
Bright lights blink nightly
Hiding soft stars and dark moons
Was it a fair trade?

Never stop swimming
A drop in the water brings
Sharks from the cold deep

Cold Nights
Closed eyes, open heart
Watching the cold night grow old
Waiting for your voice

Wait for the sunset
With darkness comes the reveal
Of our true nature

Fear the night
Never fear the night
It is darkest before dawn
Just before sunrise

Davy Jones
Swim against the tides
Stop and you’ll sink to the deep
Davy Jones’ Locker

Painted Treasure
Her painted treasure
Hangs quietly in my heart
There for all to see

Tick Tock
My inner clock tocks
Its voice is like no other
Tick tock says the clock

Live beyond your fears
Exchange unity for your

Live beyond your fears
Exchange laughter and its cheer
For all your cold tears

Will take you to those places
Where nothing else can

Nothing is the same
Nothing is quite what it seems
When the sun goes down

A truth you can’t see
But I think you would agree
Life has no romance

Broken Heroes

We all need heroes
We need people to adore
But all our heroes
Are never quite what they seem

I wish I could do this forever. You can rest assured, they would always remain yours,
Lloyd Webber

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