Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Myths and Legends...

A fistful of Haiku, for only a few dollars more...

Sometimes, they're true

In dark December
I gave away my precious
A Sweet surrender

Count your sorrows
The book of sorrows’
Pages cannot be counted
Only persevered 

Platform Moon part 1
Lying on a platform
My history forgotten
In the ocean’s depths

Platform Moon part 2
I hear her whisper
In the sounds of the calm waves
A message for me

Platform Moon part 3
She is of the sea
The lonely sounds of the night
Will never meet her

Platform Moon part 4
Is she my saviour?
Or a light on a platform?
A dying man’s dream

Platform Moon part 5
How faint is her smile?
An enigma fully wrapped
In a dark riddle

Platform Moon part 6
Her dark mystery
Sits at the ocean’s bottom
Concealed by the moon

Platform Moon part 7
The sand in her hair
Glistens in the still ocean
And reveals the truth

Platform Moon part 8 (7 5 7)
I am of the highway and
We were meant to be
For she grew up in the sea

Wherever I go,
I go alone. With no one
A fate all my own

Cold Revenge
In life and in dreams
Never feel any anger
Only taste revenge

This is a series I wrote called the Legend of the Viking Prince for The Ties That Bind. It is reproduced here in semi Haiku form. 

Legend of the Viking Prince part 1
In Scandinavia
Millennia ago, lived
The Viking Prince John

Legend of the Viking Prince part 2
His great adventures
Spawned epic legends and tales
Across the wide world

Legend of the Viking Prince part 3 (7 5 5 7 5 7 5 7)
On a frozen battlefield,
John, sole survivor
Of a bloody war
Its purpose lost for all time
Met a Valkyrie
Messenger to the Norse gods
Sent as an escort
For the souls of dead heroes

Legend of the Viking Prince part 4
Quite impossibly
In due time, they fell in love
A forbidden love

Legend of the Viking Prince part 5
Odin, King of the Norse gods
Learned of their affair
And banned John from Valhalla

Legend of the Viking Prince part 6
John pleaded for grace
Begging to be with his love
Till Odin replied

Legend of the Viking Prince part 7
If John died a hero’s death
He and his true love
Would reunite for all time

Legend of the Viking Prince part 8
Odin was crafty
And before exiling John,
Gave him a cruel gift
From all man’s weapons

Legend of the Viking Prince part 9
John soon realized
No earth weapon could slay him
He would never die

Legend of the Viking Prince part 10
He travelled boldly
Across a dark, troubled world
In search of his death

Legend of the Viking Prince part 11
In his fruitless search
He grew ever more distant
From humanity

Legend of the Viking Prince part 12
Weary of the endless fight
For justice, and despairing
In his loneliness
He travelled far north
Beyond the reach of the world
And vanished from man’s knowledge

 I will always love Platform Moon. It was born of loneliness and heartache. I'll never be in such a place again, so I will never write anything like that again.

Yours to enjoy,

Lloyd Webber

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