Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Long, winding road

A few more, as the year draws to its inevitable end
Never leads to where you want to go...

My epiphany
Realized in wells of clouds
At the first sunrise

Oh Beating Heart
Spring’s first mists come out
Travelling between the pines
Of my dreaming heart

Dirty Days
Summer disappears
Like a whisper on my lips
Bitter cold within

Fire in the sky
Falling out of aeroplanes
Hiding out in holes
Waiting for the sun to set

Fallen Heroes
A broken tree felled
Gives no shade to the weary
Our mistakes laid bare

Brick Wall Lights
Bright lights shining through
The cracks along the brick wall
Brightening our days

Stress relief
Exhale all your stress
Before you are unglued by
The world’s vast troubles

A wild wind blowing
Through corridors of my heart
Love won’t let me go

Let me go
Gravity chained me
A ray of light released me
Love, don’t let me go

A world’s violence
Trapped within a sphere with
No hope of release

I hear it coming
The wild serenade of sound
Like a siren call

Mad Men
Time comes a creeping
A loaded gun held by
Madmen and knaves

The long and winding road
On beautiful nights
Only time can lead you home
Through long winding roads

Viva la Vida
Gravity – free me
So my feet don’t touch the ground
Never hold me down

Revenge is sweet
A hyacinth rose
Cut down in its prime of life
Sharp thorns take revenge

Yours to keep,

Lloyd Webber

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