Friday, December 23, 2011

Halo, Goodbye

What's another 20 between friends?
Never see you again

Fountain of Tears
When the world is dry
I will cry just so you could drink
The tears of my eyes

Eyes blink with gemstones
That gleam on bright afternoons
All through the daylight

Summer don’t know me
She let me love in myself
Till the break of dawn

Corpse in a casket
Black Mahogany
Buried six feet down under
Corpse and a casket

Silent Hill
Drink life’s bitter pill
As you climb its silent hill
But keep the faith still

Rocks and hard places
A tired man’s sole refuge
To never return

Is it meant to be?
This dark mirage that I see
Was she meant for me?

Spicy tuna roll
wasabi swirled in soy sauce
the blue moon rises

The snow is so deep,
and quietly fills the woods
Then comes welcome spring

Tunnel vision
Sometimes the black hole
is a tunnel, and you come
out the other side

Broken Promises
The New Year came in
Like blossoms in the spring time
Rebirth and great hope!

A streetlight's halo
Competes with the harvest moon
To dazzle my eyes.

Autumn's last crickets
whisper through the falling leaves
in that soft spot-light

White peaks and azure
Guard a gold river valley.
Clear, crisp, autumn light

Up the mountain pass,
A vast panoramic view...
Time stretches below.

Mad Genius
Seen from the Valley,
bright cascades paint the hilltops
Like Vincent Van Gogh.

Crimson Skies
Spatters of crimson,
in waves of gold and amber
crash on stubborn green

Laughing skies
The mesa stands tall
Watching a river flow by
Under laughing skies.

Lap Dog
Orange cones litter
The road like leaves. My anguish
Spills onto my lap.

Winter Ermine
Fur on royal robes
A symbol of regal birth
ermine in winter

Yours Forevermore,

Lloyd Webber

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