Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remember those days...

18 days till the New Year and so here are the first 20. They really were the hardest, but ended up being the best, at least in my opinion. The nice thing about the Haiku is that they're in chronological order as I wrote them, so it's interesting to see how my mood and style changed, not to mention my themes and content.

I started optimistically, I'm proud to say, but there would come a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns. Such is the rollercoaster of life.

The places we used to be when we were kids...  

1.     In the beginning
Endings are too hard,
Beginnings, impossible.
What am I to do?

2.     What is Beauty?
Beauty is a fact,
Not in the beholder's eye.
An intrinsic truth.

3.     Dandelion
A Dandelion,
Floating in the summer breeze,
Cut down in its prime

4.     Crustacea, Crustacea
A noble lobster,
A sea of boiling water,
The last molt to red

5.     The way of all Flesh
In death, as in life
Dust to Dust and Ash to Ash,
The way of all flesh

6.     Freedom
I now fully know
The sweet, sweet taste of freedom,
But a few do not

7.     Wild Winter Wonderland
For one winter night
Throw caution to the wild wind
Dance in the snow

8.     Moonlight walk
In the pale moonlight
A fedora on his head
He walked, all alone

9.     Spring into action
Winter moves slowly,
and Spring is too far away, 
Will it ever come?

10.                        Flash and Substance
Thunder and Lightning,
Full of sound, light and fury
All flash, no substance

11.                        Master and Slave
If a Slave is bound,
The master is bound tighter,
Neither man is free

12.                        Desert Oasis
Alone and afraid
He trudged through a desert storm
Before he was saved

13.                        Lonely People
We all stand and stare
At those poor and lonely souls
With nowhere to go

14.                        Sunrise and Sunset
Sunrise and Sunset
Promises of a new day
Two sides of one coin

15.                        Life Rollercoaster
I wish I could fly,
Off life’s wild rollercoaster,
Who will fly with me?

16.                        Portrait of a man
A poor tortured soul
Lost in beautiful portrait
Hidden by blank verse

17.                        Poisoned Butterfly
Poisoned Butterfly
Fluttering aimlessly down
To the cold, harsh ground

18.                        Paper Chase
The root of evil:
An endless fruitless pursuit
Of printed paper

19.                        Burnt Fuel
The fuel of hatred
Burns giver and receiver
Wasted Energy

20.                        Paper Mache World
How Fragile is life?
Here today, gone tomorrow -
Like Paper Mache

A personal favourite is #11 - Master and Slave. In between all the pointless angst, I did get rare moments of genuine inspiration. I would soon learn that the killer of inspiration is routine. Any favourites of yours? leave a comment telling me.

I remain always yours,

Lloyd Webber

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