Friday, December 30, 2011


The end is just the beginning, so here's something to tide you till then.

Round and round, what goes around comes around...

Old Man winter
Winter – the old man
Alone with his memories
But never lonely

Summer tears
Windows left unlocked
An open invitation
For summer sky’s tears

Sunburns on the skin
Rays penetrating below
Boiling our beauty

Placid summer pond
A swan, all alone lands on
The rippled surface

My optimism
A mirage in desert sun

Purple Haze
Purple haze robs us
Of the vision of the trees
The blue of the sky

In soft moonlit night
Fireflies light the night sky
Sparking fireworks

Cold nights in winter
Draw me closer to you as
You’re further away

Rainbow Road
On the long way home
I saw a rainbow beneath
My feet on the street

Along the way
I travelled a long
Way to the places you
And I used to be

Time we had
The time we have is
Not gone, though the way we chose
Was the winding one

Midnight Breeze
On the long way home
I heard some ghosts laughing in
The trees’ midnight breeze

Surface Tension
Will you let me see?
Past your face to see
What is really you

The end of the world
Cometh – not with a bang, but
Rather – a whimper

Winter’s dying breath
Spring beckons worlds of beauty
Always transforming

Enjoy them, after all they're yours,
Lloyd Webber

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